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Outbacker mobile and portable antenna systems are slim line, highly efficient, single whip multi bond antennas for vehicular and limited space portable applications. No extra resonators, "porcupine" extenders or coffee can size coils are required. The versatility and DX performance of these antennas is nothing short of amazing. The small size and silhouette of these antennas are nearly invisible to the neighbor's eye and give a streamlined appearance on any vehicle. The OUTREACH and OUTREACH 500 portable systems with the matching Alpha Delta OUTPOST tripod ground mount provides worldwide DX performance from the small backyard or patio in deed restricted areas.

The Outbacker mobile series is comprised of a group of slim line multi band antennas ranging in length from only 4 feet long to just over 6 feet long. These antennas are designed to suit a wide range of limited space applications. There is no need to change whips or coils as with competitive models because band selection is accomplished by the simple insertion of a band tap lead.

These antennas cover frequencies from 80 meters through 2 meters with excellent performance. However to obtain this exceptional performance certain installation requirements must be carefully met. Keep in mind that mobile systems run on a low 12-volt DC voltage and the vehicle provides a limited ground plane. Therefore, installations that minimize voltage loss and maximize connection to the ground plane will produce, by far, the biggest signals. The various models will be outlined later.

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